Weather is the major cause for flight delays and disruptions. It represents a challenge to airlines’ operations and safety. Kongsberg Aeronautical has developed a system that enables airlines to better manage their flight operations when weather conditions changes and deteriorates.  

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We have developed an end-to-end information system that provides information about runway conditions that is accurate, frequent, and timely. As a decision support tool, it enables airlines to improve weather related contingency planning, thereby save fuel, better manage delay knock-on effects, and improve safety.

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Formed from the idea of using the aircraft itself to improve and better report slippery runway conditon, a long time problem for aviation. Kongsberg Aeronautical has collaborated with a major US airline to develop the needed functionality of an on board program function to achieve such.

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An end-to-end information  solution that provides runway conditions  information that is accurate, frequent, and timely.

As a decision support system enabling airlines to ensure safety and enhance their operations through improved contingency planning.

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