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Director,Airline Network Operations, United Airlines

Our Mission

Offer airlines quality information for decision support to optimize flight operations and assure safety

Shortcomings to Reporting

Weather has a direct impact on aircraft’s braking capability and thereby stopping distance.  Current methods of reporting runway surface conditions to airlines’ flight operational personnel have shortcoming and aircraft runway excursions is the major category of accidents and incidents.  It is not confined to winter conditions, rain and wet are equal problems.

The Power of Data

Enabled by modern aircraft’s digitalization and data management potential, Kongsberg Aeronautical’s services are based on a proprietary system and innovative solution using a program function uploaded to aircraft. It takes use of real-time flight data during aircraft stopping runs, and thereby assesses maximum braking capability using aircraft themselves.

Customers and Channel Partners

Airlines are the customer base for Kongsberg Aeronautical’s information service.  Its service will be distributed through Channel Partners serving airlines with user platforms for flight operational information combined with user applications and tools.

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