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Dag C. Weberg                                                                                            Chairman. Dag C. Weberg is a former Member of the Norwegian Parliament, representing the Conservative Party (Høyre). During his period with parliament, he was member of its Business and Industry committee. He has strong knowledge of public administration and possesses substantial network of contacts.  Over the past 20 years he has been involved in several start-up business.


Svein Solberg                                                                                      Svein Solberg has background from the Norwegian Air Force and later a career as a commercial pilot where he also has served as Director Flight Operations. After end of flying career, he served as Inspector with the Norwegian Civil Administration (Luftfartstilsynet).  He took part in the start-up and development of Røros Flyservice AS, a company later acquired and now a part of Avaiator Airport Alliance AB.


Bård Rieber-Mohn                                                                                         Bård Rieber-Mohn has an M.Sc, civil engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  He works with real estate development though is company, BRM Gruppen AS.   As investor he has among other experience from the start-up of Tide Forsikring (Insurance).


Eirik Rieber-Mohn                                                                                          

Eirik Rieber-Mohn has an M.Sc, technical physics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.  He is Business Development & Tendering Manager at Offshore Heavy Transport AS and extensive experience from contract negotiations.


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