User Application Integration

Straight to the End User

By way of integrating the information files from the cloud solution with user applications, end users may receive the aircraft generated information in real time.

Airlines’ flight operational centers and pilots use a multitude of system tools and applications in their daily effort to plan and monitor flights before and enroute.    These systems range from situational awareness tools found on desk top solutions (primarily used by dispatchers), handheld systems embedded in e.g. iPads, and systems found on flight deck, such as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB).   

Our solution’s information output file format is standardized and designed to simplify integration with of these system tools and applications

About Us

Formed from the idea of using the aircraft itself to improve and better report slippery runway conditon, a long time problem for aviation. Kongsberg Aeronautical has collaborated with a major US airline to develop the needed functionality of an on board program function to achieve such.

Our Solution

An end-to-end information  solution that provides runway conditions  information that is accurate, frequent, and timely.

As a decision support system enabling airlines to ensure safety and enhance their operations through improved contingency planning.

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