Acronyms & Expressions

ACARS:                               Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

ACMS:                                 Aircraft Management System

API:                                      Application Programming Interface

AWS:                                   Amazon Web Services

Braking Action:                   Description of how easily an aircraft can stop after landing on a runway.

DFDMU:                              Digital Flight Data Management Unit

DFDAU:                               Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit 

EFB:                                     Electronic Flight Bag

FAA:                                     Federal Aviation Administration

FSF:                                     Flight Safety Foundation

GUI:                                     Graphical User Interface

NTSB:                                 National Transportation Safety Board

PIREP:                                 Pilot Report

Singel Aisle Aircraft:          Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 family aircraft

SKYbrary Aviation Safety

About Us

Formed from the idea of using the aircraft itself to improve and better report slippery runway conditon, a long time problem for aviation. Kongsberg Aeronautical has collaborated with a major US airline to develop the needed functionality of an on board program function to achieve such.

Our Solution

An end-to-end information  solution that provides runway conditions  information that is accurate, frequent, and timely.

As a decision support system enabling airlines to ensure safety and enhance their operations through improved contingency planning.

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